Velofondista offers a comprensive range of servicing and repairs on all types of bike from full suspension downhill bikes to TT bikes, the latest aero road models and eBikes.

We offer a full range of services including:

  • Full, professional strip down, clean and rebuild
  • End of season service and prep 
  • Clean, prep and store
  • Wheel trueing, build
  • Wheel true and tension
  • Tubeless conversions
  • Spoke replacement
  • Wheel bearing replacement / service
  • Tubeless tyre fitting and setup
  • Tube replacement
  • Chainset fitting
  • New chain size and fit
  • New cassette fit
  • Chain and cassette clean
  • Suspension service and overhaul
  • Bottom bracket replacement / service
  • Headset replacement/ adjustment
  • Wheel bearing adjustment / replacement
  • Cable / outer replacement and adjust
  • Front / rear mech fitting and adjust
  • ETAP / Di2 setup, conversion or adustment
  • Mudguard fitting
  • Where possible we always test ride repairs.

    No bike will ever be turned away for being dirty, even if it's REALLY dirty! However, no bike will be returned to it's owner in anything less than gleaming condition. This is because the workshop needs to remain clean and tidy and it's rather nice to have your bike returned all clean and sparkling! For this reason there may be an extra labour cost for particularly filthy specimens and customers are politely asked to be aware of this before leaving their bike for service or repair.

Secure Bike Storage

We understand that you may have a number of bikes or you have limited space to store your own bikes securely and safely so we offer a storage service for bikes that are not currently in use. Why spend summer tripping over your winter bike when you could send it to us in spring for a clean and strip prior to being stored in our RedCare alarmed premises. Likewise, at the end of the summer sportive, TT, triathlon or race season pass your race bike to us for clean, strip and winter storage. It'll be good as new when the sun comes out for the next season

Contact us for availability and pricing of this exclusive service

Build and Setup of New Bike Bought Online

Found a too-good-to-miss online bargain to satisfy your n+1? Get it delivered to us and we'll build it for you checking that it's safe and set up for you before you ride anywhere

from £25


Packup and Send

Take the hassle out of selling your bike online by using our packup and send service. You'll get a better price by advertising nationwide delivery and you won't have the security risk of prospective buyers calling at your house. Includes all packaging including bike box, your bike will be posted using a tracked next day service.

from £35

Ride prepared - ride confident